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We are having an amazing week weather-wise. It’s finally warmed up a bit, the leaves are turning, and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. We decided to shoot down by the lake this episode so you can see a bit more of the area I live in.

Backyard Feeding this week is about waterbirds: it’s become so common to feed them that we forget it’s not good for them – especially human food. That being said, if you happen to live in an area where the birds are being fed regularly, you can start ‘weaning’ birds with human food that is close to their native diet. Basically, leaves and bugs. So, if you don’t mind packing some mealworms, spinach, lettuce or kale, throw those into your picnic basket and at least you’ll be feeding them something they can digest easily.

Dr. Bird is back on two segments again this episode: on Ask Dr. Bird he shares some experiences and ideas about heated birdbaths and what to do with them in the winter to prevent birds from freezing, and on Brome Bird Book he talks about how drones are being used to help pest control in the Galapagos islands.

EnviroMinute this week is a challenge to make a space greener to attract more birds. So many studies published over the last 18 months demonstrate how having birds around alleviates stress and anxiety. Birds love green spaces, so plant something and attract more birds!

I hope the weather holds like this for another couple of weeks. I love winter, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it yet.

Have a great week everyone!