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What an amazing experience I had while photographing some feeders last week. We had the feeders set up on a platform and a young Blue Jay came to visit and check them out. Not only was it curious about the feeders, it actually landed on my head! We were all very calm and quiet and the young bird stuck around for a good 10-15 minutes saying hi to everyone and having a quick snack before taking off again. All this to say that if you spend a lot of time in your backyard, make a point of keeping your movements calm, you might end up being surprised by who is willing to come and say hello!

Dr. Bird is back with two segments on this episode: first, answering a question about how birds detect predators like raptors and on Brome Bird Book, he talks about how over the past year or so, several new bird species have been discovered.

France is in the sights of Birdlife International as President Macron talks about allowing illegal trapping after the highest court in France as well as the EU deemed the practice illegal, and another quick reminder, it’s migratory season, so any chance you have to turn your lights off at night can help birds navigate safely!

Winner’s Circle had some absolutely breathtaking photography. It seems the harder I make the challenges, the more incredible the photography gets. Congratulations to everyone who submitted!

Have a wonderful week everyone!