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The Stories with Dr. Bird – A Pair of Loons Celebrate Their Silver Anniversary:

I often get asked how to keep Grackles off my feeders, and quite honestly, we’ve stopped worrying about it too much here because we’ve found that our backyard birds have literally formed a pecking order and no one seems to be going hungry. That being said – on Backyard Feeding this episode I give a few tips on how to make things a little more difficult for Grackles to empty your feeders. Dr. Bird is asked a question about some curious behaviour with Crows attacking a Squirrel’s nests – otherwise known as dreys. David is back on Brome Bird Book talking about a pair of Common Loons that are celebrating their Silver Anniversary.

On EnviroMinute, Susan shows us the gorgeous pineapple she has regrown and I talk about switching to natural cosmetics and shopping in places that allow reusable containers.

My Beebalm is providing hours of entertainment for us as we watch the Hummingbirds and bees swarm around it. It’s really neat seeing how much activity the flowers generate.

Have a great week everyone!