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Well, summer is here, and with it, lots of birds and…lots of construction!

If you happen to notice fewer species of birds at your feeder, bear in mind, lots of birds are nesting right now. We have a lot of Goldfinch traffic, as well as the everpresent Woodpeckers. If you have a feeder with black oil sunflower seeds that gets emptied regularly, now is a good time to try out hulled sunflower seed. It is less mess on the ground, but if you don’t have that much traffic at your feeders or if you live in a very humid environment, it spoils a lot more quickly than regular shelled seed.

Dr. Bird offers some great tips on setting up a diversion feeder if you find your regular feeder birds are being bullied by larger birds – in this case, the question was about Mockingbirds.

Our EnviroMinute is about shade-grown, bird-friendly coffee. I’ve talked about it a few times, and it’s really worthwhile checking out because not only does it have a richer taste, it is much better for the environment. It used to be a lot more expensive, and quite difficult to find, but as more farmers switch to sustainable methods, it’s becoming more widely available.

Dr. Bird is on Brome Bird Book in the stories this week talking about a new study which demonstrates that not only does having birds in your life makes you happier, regularly hearing bird song can also make you HEALTHIER – I knew it!

Have a great week everyone!