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Everyone get your binoculars ready – Global Big Day is coming up on the 8th of May. If you aren’t familiar with it, Global Big Day is when every bird lover around the world goes out and counts birds, then logs all the information on It provides vital information for scientists and researchers about how bird populations are doing. For more information head over to eBird and check it out.

It seems everytime I look outside, whatever birds are on the feeder there is always at least one Woodpecker. So this episode is all about Woodpeckers! David gives some suggestions on how to deter them when they decide to make a meal out of your house. He also gives a report on Brome Bird Book about how amazingly evolved they are for doing what they do best, peck wood!

EnviroMinute is about not cutting down dead trees unless they pose a danger because they are such an amazing resource for insects, animals and birds, including…you guessed it, Woodpeckers!

I want to say thank you to everyone who watches the show – a lot of the Woodpecker photos and videos this episode came from viewers – Susan Roghair and David O’Neill as well as some videos my husband shot in our backyard. It’s a lot of fun when I get to share your experiences as well as my own!

The photo contest will be closing soon, so don’t forget to get your pictures in and please ID your birds.

Have a great week everyone!