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Spring is here! With that…comes nesting season! This episode I’m combining Backyard Feeding with EnviroMinute, because it is about reducing waste AND helping the birds at your feeders. Recently I’ve started saving our eggshells so I can crush them up and mix them with my birdseed and scatter them around the garden. This helps the birds in two ways: females need as much calcium as they can get this time of year to help their bodies stay strong while laying eggs and crushed up eggshells also work as grit, which helps the birds digest their food. And eggshells are an excellent garden fertilizer! .

Dr. Bird has two sections on this episode – on Ask Dr. Bird, he answers a question from Barry about Cooper’s Hawks keeping the sun at their backs to prevent prey from seeing them and on Brome Bird Book he talks about Azure-winged Magpies demonstrating sympathy towards other birds.

There are so few Regent Honeyeaters left in the wild, they seem to be forgetting their song, but conservationists have a plan to change that. Audubon Great Lakes is starting a huge decade-long initiative to restore and conserve wetlands and shoreline.

We’re dealing with typically crazy March weather here. Warm and sunny one day and freak snow storms the next.

Have a great week, everyone!