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Well it’s cold here, but my feeders are still full of Redpolls and other Finches! It’s amazing how comfortable they are around me – one let me get within a foot of it to film. David talks about the Superflight/Finch Irruption on Backyard Feeding this episode and then answers a question about birds warming themselves next to Christmas Lights (yes…I know a few of you still have them up!) on Ask Dr. Bird.

Fun stories this week – a new study showing how traffic noise might be responsible for the decline in so many bird populations, a colony of 1,200 Cape Cormorants chicks was rescued in South Africa and are being taken care of, and Bethlehem, PA now has an official bird, the Chimney Swift!

Very romantic photos on Winner’s Circle – I hope you had the chance to enjoy Valentine’s Day with someone special!

Next month’s photo contest theme…Duck, Duck, Goose!

Have a great week everyone!