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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! We’ve gotten a good dump of snow this past week which has turned everything into a real winter wonderland. Everything is so beautiful! If you have a lot of snow in your area make sure it doesn’t pile up so much that deer can reach your feeders. Not only is it a pain to have them empty your feeders it’s also not good for the deer. Their metabolisms slow down during the winter and eating too much rich black oil sunflower seed can make them really sick. I’ll tell you more on this week’s Backyard Feeding.

Dr. Bird discusses the down sides of feeding birds in local parks. We all know that feeding ducks and geese bread is a bad idea, but even if you’re giving wild birds ‘good’ food it’s still not the best idea to feed them even though it’s a lot of fun.

Some great stories this week – birds are always surprising me with how smart they are and a new study demonstrates that not only are they smart, but they are self-aware as well. I can’t wait to start travelling again and South America is high on my list for birdwatching. Many countries are re-wilding areas that have been damaged by progress to try and restore native populations of birds and attract eco-tourists. Another endangered species success story – the Interior Least Tern has officially been removed from the Endangered Species List after 30 years of conservation efforts. The Interior Tern population is at 18 000 and growing steadily!

Jaw-dropping shots on this Winner’s Circle – be sure to check out the winners.

Take care everyone!