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Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for Christmas. It’s finally started snowing, we got our Christmas tree up last weekend and I’ve got my festive clothing ready to go! Because it’s been such a tough year, our town has encouraged us to turn our Christmas lights on early. We turn ours on when it gets dark but turn them off right before going to bed. On this week’s EnviroMinute I talk about how leaving your lights on all night can disturb local wildlife, including birds. With the holidays coming, Dr. Bird talks about different ways to find the best field guides in case you were looking for some stocking stuffers. On Ask Dr. Bird, David discusses the nomadic nature of Waxwings and how it’s still a huge mystery as to how they locate the best berries every year.

In the headlines this episode: BirdLife International has done it again in Europe, petitioning the EU government to outlaw lead ammunition around wetlands to protect the birds, and guess what, they got it! If your kids ever complain about how strict you are as a parent, explain to them how some birds will kick chicks out of the nest for no apparent reason. Not only do they kick them out, but they starve them first! I really miss travelling these days, and I’ve added Guyana to my list of places to go birding. They’ve just created their first IBA – Important Bird and Biodiversity Area – to protect the stunning Red Siskin. What a beautiful little bird!

Only a week or so to go before the end of our digital creations photo competition. I’m really looking foward to seeing what comes in.

Take care everyone!