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With the holidays approaching, I thought we could dedicate this episode to food! Dr. Bird shares some ideas about homemade suet on Backyard Feeding and goes on to answer a question about using bacon drippings in suet on Ask Dr. Bird. On Brome Bird Book we learn about a new study that aims to figure out why and how birds are so good at managing their weight – turns out it’s as easy as it is difficult. Eat less and move more! New Zealand’s Bird of the Year competition this year was full of scandals…

A few other great stories about how one tiny island is making a huge difference and the FLAP Petition I talked about last episode – to get Ontario’s building code changed to include bird-safe construction – is already gaining traction. Safe Wings Ottawa, an organisation that works closely with FLAP, is forming a committee to implement new changes!

As always, stunning, amazing, beautiful photography on Winner’s Circle. Next month’s contest is going to be a bit different. We normally discourage digitally altering photographs before submitting them, but for the month of December, it’s going to be the opposite. Let your imagination go and send us your digital creations! But…don’t forget to ID your birds when submitting them.