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It’s amazing – last week we were shovelling snow and this week it’s warm enough to go swimming. As crazy as it is at least it gives me the chance to do a little more cleaning up in the backyard. Backyard Feeding this episode is about cleaning your bird/nestboxes. It’s recommended to clean them twice a year, before and after nesting season. Use the same 10:1 bleach solution that we use for cleaning feeders. Dr. Bird has two sections on this show – on Ask Dr. Bird he answers a question about what to do with a domesticated Raven that has shown up in someone’s backyard. Over the course of the summer, we’ve had a few questions about using organic fertilizer around bird feeders and how that can affect birds. Dr. Bird did some research and shares what he has learned. Some great stories about how birds perceive colour, a Peacock in England that’s found a new home in a primary school and BirdLife International is appealing to the EU government to outlaw lead ammunition for good. New Zealand has started their annual Bird of the Year contest – head over to to participate and cast your vote. Voting is open until the 15th of November. Looks like we are going to have a few more nice days before colder weather sets in. Have a wonderful week everyone!