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With fall weather coming, it’s not a bad idea to think about adding a weatherguard to your feeders. We have only one model, the Squirrel Buster Plus that has a dedicated weatherguard, but you can either purchase a 3rd party one to hang over your feeder or if you’re bored and like to DIY, aluminum pie and pizza trays are an excellent alternative.

We had 3 nights of early frost before the end of September which essentially killed the garden. Before we had the chance to get out and clean it up, I noticed how many birds and other creatures were doing the job for me. So this EnviroMinute challenge is to do…well…nothing! If you haven’t put your garden to bed for the winter yet, leave as much as you can, because it goes a long way in helping some birds get ready for the winter.

Dr. Bird discusses recycling bird seed that’s fallen onto the ground and concerns about how bird feces can affect the seed and overall health of other birds. Some great stories this week. Fewer cars on the road are allowing birds to sing more quietly and develop more elaborate songs. After 3 years of hard campaigning, Birdlife International have helped olive farmers stop nocturnal harvesting saving millions of birds every year. As of March 2020 nocturnal harvesting was banned in both Spain and Portugal. And USFW has finally moved the Eastern Black Rail onto the endangered list giving it much needed protection that will hopefully help it re-establish a healthy population.

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