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We spent the last week of August essentially off the grid. It was great to unplug for a little while even if it was a bit hectic running around after my youngest son who’s hit a point where he never stops moving. Fall migration is in full swing, so just a reminder to keep your feeders full and stock them with as varied a menu as possible. You might be surprised at who shows up. We have a Grey Catbird that has been hanging around our suet feeder and it’s even more fun because the suet it is eating is one of my homemade recipes!

Dr. Bird answers a questions about the rapid disappearance of Orioles from our feeders – it’s true, they show up, eat for a few days then disappear completely! David also talks about climate change and how it’s affecting some of our favourite birds.

Thanks to Judge Valerie Caproni, the MBTA has been saved for now…

I had a lot of fun with the Disputing Birds pictures on Winner’s Circle. The photography seems to be getting better and better with each contest.

Have a great Labour Day weekend next week everyone! We’re expecting some nice weather here so I’ll be out in the garden.