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More on Hummers this episode! I discovered that filling my hummer feeders halfway still allows the Hummers to drink properly but cuts down on spillage which goes a long way in not attracting bees and wasps and prevents them from being able to reach the nectar. David talks about something that two people in very different areas witnessed, a lone Snow Goose travelling with a flock of Canada Geese. It seems to be an interesting but not a very uncommon phenomenon.

We’ve had so much fun with our garden this summer I just wanted to remind everyone to avoid any seeds coated with neonic pesticides.

David shares some more recent research about Hummingbirds. It seems with their super vision and super hearing they are also able to count and keep track of flowers that produce the most nectar. So much going on in such a tiny package.

If you are in Moscow, head over to the Owl House Café where you can spend some quality time face-to-face with a variety of different Owls! The Red Kite has made a huge come-back in the UK thanks to the efforts of conservationists and farmers and New Zealand is exploring new ways to get nature back into everyone’s backyards, even if it means slowing down the economy.

Don’t forget to ID your birds for the Photo Contest. Have a great week everyone!