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Yes! I’m still talking about Hummers! It must have been an omen because since last episode, we have so many Hummingbirds in the backyard I’ve had to put up more feeders. Although between the vegetable garden and my flowers I can’t imagine they are going hungry, but still…

On Backyard Feeding my son Ciaran helps me give our Hummer feeders a good cleaning. With the weather being this hot, they really need to be cleaned well to prevent mould build-up. John Petrus shares a story about a Red-Shouldered Hawk going after a Mourning Dove and Dr. Bird chimes in on why he thinks it might be a Cooper’s Hawk instead.

On Brome Bird Book I have a special virtual guest – Jesse Huth from Huth Avian who talks about the incredible hybridization of Titmice in Texas. More incredible discoveries about how Hummingbirds are really the superheroes of the Avian World with special vision and ultrasonic hearing, and finally some good news for Birds coming from the White House – a bill is being passed that will adopt bird-safe building practices on all new federal buildings.

Herons are amazing birds, at times the most graceful and others the most awkward. Every photo this contest showed how incredibly majestic they are. Enjoy the rest of the summer, we were really late getting our garden in, but everything is finally starting to grow!