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This week we had to film in the studio. It was raining so hard…

Since we haven’t been seeing a lot of Hummingbirds this summer, I thought maybe if I spent a lot of time talking about them, they would visit my feeders a lot more. We’ve had quite a few calls from concerned bird lovers who haven’t been seeing that many either. I spoke to David about this a couple of years ago when they were also scarce, and he wasn’t concerned. His thoughts were simply that the eating was better somewhere else.

On Backyard Feeding I just want to remind everyone that with the hot weather, keeping your nectar in the shade will prevent it from spoiling as quickly. With the heatwaves we’ve been having I moved my feeder into the cedar hedge to keep the nectar fresh longer.

What excites me more than seeing Hummers at my feeder is seeing them finding nectar in my garden. Every year I plant a couple of flowers just to attract Hummingbirds and I’ll walk you through what I’ve planted so far. Please check this website for more info on flowers: https://www.hummingbird-guide.com/hummingbird-flower-garden.html

David has two segments on this episode:  1st – how to try and discourage Cliff Swallows from building nests under the eaves of your house, and the 2nd section is…about…well…HUMMINGBIRDS! He talks about a recent study that demonstrates how Hummers can see a combination of both visible light and ultra-violet light – the flowers must look absolutely amazing to them. New Zealand is having a bit of bad luck with their Shore Plover relocation program and the California Condor has been spotted in Sequoia National Park where they haven’t been seen for 50 years.

That’s it for this episode – see you again in two weeks!