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It seems with the world being a bit quieter, Chipmunks have been a bit busier. We’re being bombarded with calls about chimpunks and how to manage them around your birdfeeders. I’ve certainly noticed quite a few more in our backyard this summer, particulary because they’ve been collecting sunflower seeds and hiding them in the garden. On Backyard Feeding this week I’ve got a couple of suggestions on how you can try managing them.

David answers a question from Joy Somerer about the horrible effects of pesticides on migratory birds and on EnviroMinute I show my (very weedy) garden where we’ve planted white clover betweeen the rows as a feature to attract pollinators and also a natural way to control weeds. We’ll see how that turns out!

Some great (and not so great) stories this week. Longer childhoods make birds smarter, a mythical Columbian bird has been re-discovered and is helping educate farmers about habitat destruction and finally the USFW has released a new Draft Environmental Impact Statement which continues to dismantle the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Hopefully enough people will get involved and prevent it from becoming official.

It’s been blisteringly hot here for the past week so if it’s the same where you are, I hope you’re keeping cool!