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So this week I finally had the chance to try out my homemade suet ‘against’ Mark’s high quality. Well…it’s a learning process. I did get some nibbles but Mark’s was by far the more popular of the two. I’m going to keep trying to see what I can do to improve it. Have any of you tried making your own suet yet?

Dr. Bird gives suggestions to two people who have the same question. How to discourage Magpies from nesting around your home. It’s a tough one! Some great stories this week about how birds can use their bills to stay warm and also to keep cool! Drones are being used to track the endangered Kakapo in New Zealand and the Piping Plover had a record year in 2019 for population growth.

Winner’s Circle has some amazing artwork. The art competition wasn’t as popular as I’d hoped but what we did get was REALLY incredible. Thanks for submitting your wonderful art!

Have a great week everyone.