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And…POOF, Just like that it’s full on summer. We’ve gone from shovelling snow to wearing sunblock in a really short period of time. That’s ok though because spring is here so we’ll be shooting more and more episodes outside. Every week,
I get a few emails and messages about how to make your own suet, so on Backyard Feeding this week, I try out my own recipe for the first time. I’ll let you know how it goes.

David shares some expriences about how to keep rodents away from your feeders while answering a question from Mark and on EnviroMinute this week, I talk about ‘No Mow May’. I know we are already almost June, but the weather has been so bad here
we haven’t even looked at our lawn which has been a huge help to all the pollinators who are feasting on our uncut, very messy lawn. Even if you missed ‘No Mow May’ you can still leave a patch of your lawn un-tended and you might be pleasantly surprised at what pops up!

David is back on Brome Bird Book talking about how everyone seems to think birds have gotten louder but in fact it may just be that the world has gotten quieter. The Swiss have gone crazy about birdwatching and there is hope for the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow.

Have a great week everyone!