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BBN 4-11 Keep Brown-Headed Cowbirds Off Your Feeders

A lot of people are complaining about Grackles, Starlings and Brown-headed Cowbirds invading their feeders and keeping other songbirds away. On backyard feeding David will explain why it’s so important to try and discourage Cowbirds from using your feeders and I show you a couple of tricks on how you can adjust your feeders to make this easier. David discusses a case of a parasite that attacks Cardinals and turns their feet white and what you can do about it if you see it happening at your feeder.

Brome Bird Book has the winners of the last round of the Brome Bird ID challenge as well as some interesting headlines. Winner’s Circle has some fantastic photos of hard-to-spot New World Sparrows. Next Winner’s Circle is going to be a bit different. We’ve been asked quite a few times to have a drawing competition instead of photos so we’ll be trying that next contest. Kids and adults will be judged separately.

I hope spring has sprung where you are – we had snow last weekend which was a bit hard to deal with in mid-May.

Have a great week everyone!