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You know how I’m always asking you to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count, the Christmas Bird Count, or all the other Citizen Science initiatives? Well it’s to help with projects like this! eBird has just released 500 interactive maps that show where and when different species of birds are at any time of year. They’ve put these maps together using radar data, help from NASA and yes, information logged by all the birdwatchers diligently logging their sightings. So keep it up because these maps are great! People have been emailing me asking where Hummers are, so head on over to eBird and have a look at the maps!

Dr. Bird has two segments on this show – first he discusses a concern about big companies like Amazon delivering packages via drones and what that might mean to the local bird populations, and the second segment is on Brome Bird Book talking about how birds’ bones are not as light as once thought, but a lot stronger than anyone knew!

As usual, Winner’s Circle has some amazing photos. It’s always such a challenge (and so much fun!) for the judges to decide the Winners.

Please don’t forget to ID your birds when submitting photos. It really helps new birders get the hang of all the different species.

Have a wonderful week everyone!