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Amazing results from the GBBC this year with record numbers of participants from all over the world. Head over to to see the detailed results. It’s that time of year again where I want to remind everyone to keep their feeders clean. It’s a lot more difficult in the winter here, but I still bring them in every 3 weeks or so, and toss them in the bath in a 10:1 water bleach solution and let them soak for 15 minutes to kill all the bacteria. On EnviroMinute this week I talk about a new product I found that helps make your bars of soap last longer. We stopped using shower gels at home a few years ago because they are so wasteful and this little doohickey helps your soap last longer.

David talks about what you can do if your neighbours are running a very messy bird feeding operation which is no fun for anyone, and we have some great stories in the headlines.

Just another reminder, if you are submitting pictures to the show, please don’t forget to identify them because a lot of viewers use them as learning tools!

Have a great week everyone. I know spring is right around the corner but it still feels like deep winter here.