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I’m not sure how many of you may have heard about the weather bomb that hit Saint John’s Newfoundland a couple of weeks ago, but the snow accumulation was so fast that most people weren’t able to leave their houses. It seems like these crazy weather systems are becoming more common every season. Backyard Feeding this week is just a reminder to keep your feeders filled when bad weather comes. Birds depend on feeders because they might not be able to get to their regular food sources. If it’s snowing heavily, remember to knock the snow and ice off the feeders so the birds can get to the seed.

We have two segments from Dr. Bird this week – he replied to a question about Chickadees lining up their hatchling’s fecal sacs and why they might be doing that, and on EnviroMinute he talks about the dangers of leaving colourful elastic bands lying around. Birds often mistake them for worms and it can be fatal to them.

Some great stories about how Chickadees warn other birds of danger and how other birds – Nuthatches in this case, respond to the danger call. It’s fascinating how much birds communicate.