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Hello Everyone! What an incredible photo contest this month. We’ve had the most submissions ever and the colours are just spectacular! I hope you all participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count and logged your findings. I was doing that and also participating in Project FeederWatch so I’ve been busy counting all weekend. I just wanted to remind you and let you know about the eBird app that you can download from the app store which installs eBird on your mobile device and allows you to log your bird sightings anywhere you are!

Dr. Bird has two segments on the show this week – answering a question about Swans and Herons getting along and also talking about how smart the New Caledonian Crow is. Another interesting story about New Zealand’s North Island Robin and how it can remember things for at least 2 years. And sadly, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act has been gutted and now many mining and energy companies can operate with fewer reprocussions from hurting and killing birds during daily operations.