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Winter is here! It arrived very suddenly this past weekend. I’d hoped to get more yardwork done before the snow came, but hopefully we’ll get one more stretch of really warm weather before winter sets in for good. But…with the beginning of winter comes one of my favourite birdwatching intitiatives: Project FeederWatch. On Backyard Feeding this week I talk about how you can join the program and contribute. Observing birds and reporting your findings is an important (and fun!) way to help scientists figure out what’s happening with nature.

We join Dr. Bird on the road this week via a phonecall to find out what he’s been up to lately. Dr. Bird has just finished a series of talks in the Eastern US and tells us a bit about them before he heads down to Baja, Mexico for the winter. As the weather gets colder here, I’m becoming more and more envious.

We have some great conservation stories this week. The California Condor might soon be removed from the endangered list. It’s thriving in the wild now that lead ammunition has been banned in the state of California.

Our Photo Contest is still open! The theme is Black Birds.

Have a great week everyone.