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Well, we lucked out here and had spectacular weather for Canadian Thanksgiving. The leaf colors are incredible this year and while I was getting our backyard ready for winter, I thought I’d continue talking about different types of food for different seasons. This episode it’s peanuts, which are often overlooked but are a great mess-free feeding solution. The other great thing about peanuts is because of their high fat content they will attract birds to feeders all year ’round.

October 19th is now officially October Big Day, so if you have some time, it’s one of the 7 simple steps to bringing the bird populations back. Take 10 minutes to count birds and log the information at ebird.org. We’ll be doing it here!

Dr. Bird answers a question about keeping ants off Hummer feeders. Dr. Bird also has some more thoughts on the loss of the 3 billion birds.

We have some great stories about how bringing bird populations back is possible with a bit of forest management and conservation efforts. If everyone does a little bit, we can really achieve a lot!

Have a great week everyone.