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I think everyone is a bit shocked with the report of North America losing 3 billion of its birds over the last 50 years. There are a lot of ways to interpret the data, but it doesn’t really matter because we should all be taking steps to help bring bird populations back to what they were. Incidentally, by doing so, you’ll also be helping the planet. So both Brome Bird Book and Dr. Birds segment this episode are about different steps you can take to help birds. Over the next episodes, I’ll be going over some of them in more detail.

As the seasons change, I’ve been switching up some seeds in my feeders. With the cooler weather, I put up my Nyjer feeder again for the Finches. While I talk about that, I also explain how even though using sunflower hearts really cuts down on the mess, Cornell doesn’t recommend using them, because as soon as they are out of the shell they start absorbing moisture, expanding and growing bacteria which clogs feeders and can be harmful for birds. So if you want to still keep using them, use very small quantities, don’t fill your feeders and change the seed every couple of days.

Winner’s Circle was a tough one this time! The next Photo Contest is OWLS.