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It’s finally here! Yesterday was the official launch of the new Squirrel Buster Suet. Head over to bromebirdcare.com to check it out. I was working on some How-To videos while recording Backyard Feeding this episode and we have some great input from David about the advantages of feeding suet to your birds. On Ask Dr. Bird, David answers a question about bald Jays and Cardinals which we have a few hanging around here.

On EnviroMinute this week I talk about a few different ways I’ve learned to reduce our household waste, and I would really like it if you could email me some of your ideas as well which we’ll talk about on upcoming episodes.

In the headlines this week: female songbirds with higher standards are forcing their possible mates to come up with better and more complex songs; after a landmark court ruling in France, Roosters are allowed to crow at the crack of dawn; and Ocean City, New Jersey is coming up with some original ways to keep gulls off the beaches.

Drinking birds is the theme of this month’s photo contest. There are some great shots so far!