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It seems to me that summer just began, but things are already starting to cool down. I didn’t see a lot of Hummers at my feeders over the summer, but they are starting to come back, which means sadly they are getting ready for migration. So Backyard Feeding this week is a suggestion to put up a few more feeders if you have the room. Hummers and other birds are getting ready to head south and need all the extra food they can get. I’m adding a couple more feeders around the backyard to help out.

David answers a question about a tag-team trio of Eastern Bluebirds that are attacking Bill’s patio doors. Dr. Bird gives a number of different reasons why birds might be doing this. Some fun stories in the headlines this week. It turns out that Crows love cheeseburgers as much as we do, and even though it’s giving them higher cholesterol, that isn’t always a bad thing. The critically endangered Helmeted Honey-eater might be faring better after a few dozen hybrid birds were released into the wild as new breeding partners, and a long-time watcher and contributor John Petrus sent us a local story from his home town in PA where a power company is helping to take care of Osprey Nests. Thank you, John!

Sandra from Customer Care is presenting Winner’s Circle this week. A tribute to Hummers because we won’t be seeing them around here for much longer.

Have a great week everyone!