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So this week we combine Backyard Feeding and EnviroMinute to encourage you to have a look around your house and see if anything can be re-purposed for garden use. I have some old steel wheels that are being used as a planter, and old cast-iron bathtub that we use as an herb garden, and most recently an old pan that I’m using as a bird bath. What ideas can you come up with?

David answer discusses a question about odd bird sunbathing behaviour, and in the headlines we learn about the Black-backed Woodpecker, the recently discovered giant parrot fossil nicknames ‘Squawkzilla’ and how the water level in Great Salt Lake is receding to the point that Gunnision Island, a breeding ground for White Pelicans is no longer safe because Coyotes can now access the island easily.

The Photo Contest is still open. Remember, the theme is Hummingbirds and Feeders.

Take care everyone!