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So the weather is finally nice enough to move the show back outside again. We’ve had an incredible number of birds come through our backyard over the past couple of weeks including more varieties of warblers than I’ve ever seen. We’ve got a Scarlet Tanager that’s been accomodating enough to pose for a few pictures. Indigo Buntings, Baltimore Orioles, and many more, it’s been a real treat! And Backyard Feeding this episode is all about letting things grow. Since we’ve been ‘Growing Wild’ I’ve noticed more and more species of birds visiting. We don’t use any chemicals or pesticides and yes, that means we have more bugs, but once the bird population gets up in numbers, the bug population decreases. Nature has an amazing way of regulating itself. So let things grow for a bit before attacking the backyard, you might be amazed by what you see!

Dr. Bird talks about his love of birdwatching and how many species he gets to see over the course of a year. On EnviroMinute this week I share a bit of information about LED bulbs. Yes, they are great, more efficient and have really come down in price, but as more studies come out, we are starting to see that it’s not entirely beneficial. Blue-ish tint bulbs are to be avoided in the house because they can distrupt sleep patterns, and avoid looking at any particurly bright LED because they can cause permanent retinal damage.

Some great stories in the headlines – all positive this week!

Enjoy the show.