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Hummer season is here! Well, almost. David gives us a rundown on these incredible little creatures including which species we are likely to see across Canada and the Northern US. If you have nestboxes up, now is the time to make sure you have the right tenant. Dennis Stroud had Starlings in his Eastern Screech Owl box for years, but this year he decided to chase them out and surprise! He’s got an Eastern Screech Owl living there now. On the subject of Screech Owls, Ask Dr. Bird this week is a question about the decline of Western Screech Owls and what might be causing it.

Some great stories, including a couple that my co-workers shared with me on the way back from a trip to China. This week’s EnviroMinute challenge is to try and use rainwater to wash your car and to avoid using a hose because of the waste. Even here is Quebec with all our lakes and rivers, we still have droughts every summer.

Global Big Day is on the 4th of May, so get your binoculars ready and count some birds!

Have a great week everyone!.