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With spring well on its way here, I had the pleasure of giving a couple of workshops about Eastern Bluebirds to some elementary school kids. The kids have a plan to put up 100 nest boxes, so Backyard Feeding this episode is a recap of the workshops and a few things to remember when putting up Bluebird boxes. Dr. Bird shares some information about woodpeckers to answer a question John Petrus has about woodpeckers shying away from his window feeder.

For a long time, it was common to think that brightly colored birds made better targets than the dull colored ones, but a new study from the University of Melbourne in Australia proves that wrong (don’t worry, no birds were harmed in the study, they used 3D printed models.) A tea shop owner in Turkey has made room in his tea shop for injured birds, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife have teamed up with the Yurok Tribe in Northern California to build a new Californian Condor release area.

Amazing Finch photos on Winner’s Circle. I always forget how many varieties of Finch there are. Beautiful!