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Well, we’ve seen the first Robins on the ground despite the fact that we are still getting snow. I spent 10 minutes clearing off the car this morning which was very unpleasant for a spring day. I’ve prepared a special treat for all my early arrivals who won’t use a hanging feeder just in case they can’t find enough to eat. Check out Backyard Feeding for my recipe. This week’s EnviroMinute challenge is to support a local nature initiative. We have several around here and we buy annual passes even if we don’t always get the chance to use them. These organisations help protect habitat and are a really great way to introduce people to nature.

Steve Swearingen and his son had an amazing experience with a Screech Owl last year, and Steve has a question for Dr. Bird about Screech Owls going into torpor. In the headlines, a great story about how if female birds have help raising their young, they live longer. This is why I have my mother visiting for a few months to help out with the baby! The Department of Fish and Wildlife has just released a study that shows backyard bird feeding and contributing to programs like project feederwatch are having a positive impact on conservation.

I hope spring has sprung wherever you are – we seem to be stuck in winter here. Until the next episode!