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With the weather so totally unpredictable this time of year, it’s nice to have something to do indoors when bird feeding/watching just isn’t practical. Wingspan is a new board game designed by Elizabeth Hargrave with tons of information from eBird. The goal of the game is to attract as many birds as possible to your backyard aviary and each bird can do something that will help attract other birds. As a family we love playing board games, even before we had kids and this one looks like a lot of fun. It’s currently sold out almost everywhere online, but will be back in stock at the end of March. Check it out!

Dr. Bird answers a question about birds’ bathing habits, and I share some interesting stories about how organic vineyards are becoming amazing habitats for all sorts of birds. The Rock Ptarmigan is making a comeback in central Japan, and Seoul Korea is introducing new laws that require new buildings to be equipped with anti-collision glass to cut down on the number of bird deaths.

Great pictures on Winner’s Circle. Even though the photo contest is only once a month it’s amazing to see the pictures.

Enjoy the rest of March everyone!