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Hello everyone, I’m back! Maternity leave was fantastic, but I’m happy to be back on the show again. David is doing backyard feeding this week with information about putting up nest boxes if you live in the south. He also answers a question all the way from Australia about the hybridization of Rainbow and Scaly-Breasted Lorikeets. Envirominute this week is about doing the least amount of laundry possible. With a newborn in the house it’s a constant struggle, but doing too much laundry is not good for the environment.

Fun stories this week – Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore has finally been awarded National Park Status. If you find yourself close by you should take the time to visit. Frech researchers have been working on different pictures that keep raptors away from airports and what they’ve found is really interesting and deceptively simple. And finally, birds that are able to change their tune are better equipped to attract more mates, versus birds that prance around flashing their tales. It just goes to show a great voice will beat that beach body every time!

Take care everyone and see you again in a couple of weeks.