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Welcome back to another edition of Brome Bird News! This is my last episode voice hosting – Tatsiana is back at work this week so she’ll be back to hosting the show next episode. But even though she’s not here, I’ve tried to find some fun and interesting stories. A cautionary tale about sharing that you have a rare bird in your backyard – an Ottawa family is dealing with groups of bird watchers camping out across the road from their house because they spotted a Lazuli Bunting. Thankfully birders are generally a respectful bunch so they are finding ways to co-exist peacefully. Dr. Bird talks about the recent discovery of more Archeopteryx fossils, one of the missing links betweens birds and dinosaurs. The New Caledonian Crow is at the top of the list for the smartest bird in the world by proving it can think three steps ahead to solve a puzzle. New Zealand is re-populating a rodent-free island with Shore Plovers, one of the most endangered birds in the world and an effort to save young salmon on the Columbia river by culling Double-crested Cormorants has backfired.

More amazing photos on Winner’s Circle. Next month’s theme is Birds and Buildings. Please have your photos submitted by the 13th of March.

Have a great week!

The full video from Animal Minds (University of Auckland in New Zealand) Visit their YouTube Channel Here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-utvjhHsd0mQNtGEiX0rPQ