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Hello Everyone! So we’re mixing it up a bit for the next couple of episodes. Rugge Thomson will be hosting the show for this and the next episode while Tatsiana is on maternity leave with her new bundle of joy! She’ll be back soon though so please go easy on him! He is the one who films and edits the show, so he is a lot more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

Anyway, lots of interesting stuff on this episode. The Great Backyard Bird Count is coming up from Feb 15th-19th. Tatsiana will be out counting birds between diaper changes and feedings. Dr. Bird talks about the incredible Finch irruption that’s been happening in the north eastern part of the continent. Jodi from Brome Customer Care explains our commitment to the environment on EnviroMinute and how every part of our feeders are replaceable and recyclable including literature and packaging.

Some fun stories this week – scientists have created a camera that sees how birds do and it explains how they can navigate through dense forests and jungles without crashing into things all the time.

Head over to or to log your info from the Great Backyard Bird Count. Happy counting everyone!