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Brrrrrrrr! We’ve been hit by a real cold-snap snow storm here in the North East. We haven’t been able to get outside to shoot, so Backyard Feeding is an indoor one this episode. Robert Dinwoodie found a European Goldfinch at his feeder hanging around with his regular American Goldfinches. No one has any idea how it got to this side of the Atlantic, but Robert got in touch with me to see what he could do about it. I suggested he report it to, or contact his local bird rehabilitation centre. If that failed, to get in touch with Le Nichoir which is a rehabiliation centre in my area but will accept calls from all over North America. They said to simply leave the bird where it is and make sure it has enough seed to make it through our frigid winter.

Dr. David Bird answers a question about identifying a Great-Horned or Barred Owl on the west coast of Canada. Europe is developing an issue with Great Tits eating Pied Flycatcher brains, the Madagascan Polchard is making a return to the wild, and Banff National Park is looking at a total ban on birdfeeders and fruit trees because of the encounters between hungry wildlife and tourists.

I’m off on a maternity leave for the next month, but have no fear! We’ll still be producing BBN, but you’ll be seeing a lot more of David for the next two episodes.

Take care everyone and I’ll be back soon!