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We are right in the middle of a cold snap here in Quebec. Winter came so suddenly I ran out of time to ‘winterize’ my feeders. On Backyard Feeding this week, that’s exactly what I talk about. If you find that there aren’t many birds at your feeders during the winter, make sure you have enough cover for the birds. My pole system is well placed in the summer, but there are no more leaves on the trees which leaves it a bit exposed during the winter. It makes some of the smaller birds nervous, so I am trying to come up with some creative ways to provide some shelter for the birds. Dr. Bird answers a question about the lack of birds in cemeteries and what the decline in insect population has to do with it. He also brought back some pictures of African Penguins being released into the wild when he was on a trip to South Africa last month. What a treat!

EnviroMinute this week is another winter themed challenge. How long do you let your car warm up for? It only actually needs about a minute before the engine is warm enough to drive. The car will also warm up faster as it drives rather than sits in the driveway. So…since you are already bundled up for winter, try not to let you car idle in the driveway for too long, all it does is release more pollutants into the air!

The Christmas Bird Count is almost here, so head over to Audubon’s/Bird Studies Canada websites for more information about how to get in touch with your local compiller. Stay warm!