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BRRRRRRRRRR….It’s cold! We are back in the studio this week because it’s just too cold outside! I knew winter was coming, but I was hoping it would take a bit more time! Just in case you are out putting your garden to bed for the winter, please don’t cut down old plants and flowers. We got this amazing photo from Debbie Foster showing a Warbler eating a worm out of a dead flower in the middle of winter. Another thing to watch out for is raking up old leaves. It’s that time of year again, and on EnviroMinute I show you a few different ways I deal with my leaves to use them as fertilizer and also as habitat for small creatures that will help feed the birds!

Ever wondered if woodpeckers get headaches? Dr. Bird gives a great explanation as to how these amazing birds can survive smashing their heads against hard objects thousands of times a day. It also gave us the chance to show off some pictures of different types of woodpecker. Enjoy!