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Wow! It’s been hot. We’ve seen record temperatures for the past week and even though the worst seems to be gone, we still have some hot weather on the horizon. Backyard Feeding this week is just a reminder that birds need to stay hydrated just like we do. I’ll show you my amazing collection of cheap and easy bird baths that I’ve got set up to help my birds keep cool.

David answers a question about Ornithophobia, or a fear of birds, and talks about different ways you can avoid being attacked by aggressive birds during nesting season. The best way, of course, is to stay far away from nests.

Malta is back in the headlines but with a nesting box project this time – I’m just hoping they aren’t making homes for the birds so they can trap them later. More new studies show just how smart birds can be, and if you are looking for an amazing birding destination, Colombia has 20% of the planet’s avian biodiversity. That’s a lot of different birds!

Have a great week everyone, and stay cool!