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Backyard Feeding

Ask Dr. Bird

The Headlines

Winner’s Circle

I got back from Las Vegas on Friday and was thrilled to see that everything that was brown is now green! Springtime is finally here and my backyard is alive with bird busy-ness. We have Blue Jays nesting outside the bedroom window, a couple of house wrens in a nest box, Catbirds helping themselves to the fruit I am leaving out and all sorts of fun activity.

Backyard feeding on this episode is a short video about my trip to nature preserves outside of Las Vegas, and David talks about why one should or should not feed pigeons. On Ask Dr. Bird, he answers a question about what songbirds do at night, particularly in the hours before sundown. The headlines have a story about a family of polygamous Great-Horned Owls, deep diving Emperor Penguins and good news for some US Wetlands. It’s nice to have  something positive come out of the White House every once in awhile.

We put together a Mother’s Day promotion for Squirrel Buster bird feeders and in order to do that we had to lure a squirrel onto the bird feeder. Of course it didn’t go exactly as planned – I’ll give you a behind the scenes sneak peak.

I hope everyone is enjoying fine spring weather. I’m itching to get out into the garden!