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Spring is here! Well almost. Kind of. Actually, not really. But it will be here soon! As people around here like to joke, it isn’t the 17th of April, it’s the 107th of January. Regardless, I’ve decided to do a bit of spring cleaning. I had an old birdhouse that only ever attracted mice, so I decided to take it down and I’m putting up a couple of hummer nesting platforms to see if I can watch them nest. Dr. Bird has some excellent tips on deterring Grackles from emptying your feeders, and we have some interesting stories in the headlines this week. Scientists think they have finally figured out how birds navigate. They produce a protein called CRY4 that allows them to see the earth’s magnetic fields. Wow! After years of amazing efforts by conservationists the Kirtland’s Warbler is being considered safe to remove from the Endangered Species List, but the decision is still open for public debate for the next month or so.

I hope the weather is nicer wherever you are. Winner’s Circle had some extraordinarily beautiful Chickadee photos. Next month’s theme is Couples!