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Backyard Feeding


Ask Dr. Bird

The Headlines

Spring is almost here! I know we are probably in for a few more winter storms, but I’m enjoying this thaw and thought I would start putting up some nestboxes/platforms. Backyard feeding this week is just a reminder to check out to see what nestboxes you should be putting up in your area. John Petrus has another interesting question for Dr. Bird – are birds aware of what they are eating? Of course! But it’s still surprising to learn HOW aware they really are. On this week’s EnviroMinute, we visit one of the local elementary schools to learn about how they are trying to get kids involved in a new birdfeeding project and see how excited the kids are about birds!

David participates in the headlines this week offering his input about a controversial paper published at the end of January. The paper deals with the idea that certain types of raptors in Australia will intentionally spread wildfires by carrying burning branches to forests and dropping them so they can flush out the prey and gorge themselves. The idea isn’t new, and is a big part of aboriginal mythology, but it’s never actually been proven, and David is a bit skeptical. We also learn about the Canebrake Wren and how it has to teach its young not to interrupt while mom and dad are talking, and also about a group of researchers who are trying to prove the Pink Flamingo is native to Florida, and hopefully get it protected.

Have a great week everyone!