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Well, we are another couple of weeks closer to spring, and Hummers are already on the move. Check out the map to see where they are: https://www.hummingbirdcentral.com/hummingbird-migration-spring-2018-map.htm

Backyard Feeding is all about heated birdbaths in the winter, and why, if you live in a frozen climate, you shouldn’t have one. It can be quite dangerous for birds to think that water is safe, because it can freeze to their feathers and legs, preventing them from flying. Another interesting point is that birds that live in northern climates have adapted and are really good at finding sources of water.

Dr. Bird jumps into the ongoing debate about whether or not one should take down their bird feeder if there is a raptor in the area, and we all tend to agree, that as saddening as it may be to see songbirds get snatched by a raptor, they need to eat too, and it also helps promote a healthy ecosystem. It’s all part of the cycle of life!

More conservation groups are banding together to try and convince congress the changes to the MBTA are a mistake. You can make a difference yourself and sign a petition over at ABCBirds.org – just click on the TAKE ACTION tab.

I share a few good stories about a pet cockatoo that missed its humans so much, it tried to go after them when they left on vacation and ended up on the wrong cruise ship, and how Zebra Finches will actually sing silently in their sleep while learning new songs.

Spring is just around the corner!