I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, here it was cold and snowy, the way a proper white Christmas should be! Despite the cold, I hope you are keeping the area around your feeders clean. The bacteria that form on the ground and on feeders are pretty tough and still need to be cleaned in the winter. Dr. Bird talks to us from Baja, California about the Canada Jay and why it should really be Canada’s National Bird. Some interesting new studies show that birds use their whole bodies to communicate, and if birdsong is accompanied by a few dance moves, other birds will better understand the message. If you are in the Mysore area of India this Holiday Season, be warned! Areas around all the bird sanctuaries are being declared quiet areas and are actively patrolled by people from the Forest Department. Too many birds have been scared off during breeding season by crazy party-goers making too much noise. Winner’s Circle was the toughest yet with so many amazing portraits of birds. It gets better every time!

Have a wonderful New Year, everyone!

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