This is our last episode before Christmas, and I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderul and safe Holiday Season. The Christmas Bird count is on – if you’d like to participate, head over to and find out who your local compiler is. Also, when you are putting out your decorations this year, don’t forget the birds – I’ve been in touch with Ruth Fleming who does wonderful wreaths and outdoor decorations that are made out of materials that will also attract birds! Dr. Bird answers a question from Steve Swearingen about mixed species flocks feeding together and roosting together. This month’s EnviroMinute talks about how you can save money by updating your thermostats and regulating the temperature in your house during the day and night. 

In the headlines I share an incredible story about how certain birds have physically evolved over the course of the last decade. Scientists are amazed at how birds seem to carry certain ‘preset’ genetic changes that they can trigger when the need arises. New Zealand’s battle with invasive predators is working – this year’s IUCN Red List moves two species of Kiwi (there are 5 species of Kiwi birds!) from the endangered list to ‘vulnerable’. And an island on the Halifax river in Florida has finally been designated a protected area because it’s a vitally important roosting/nesting place for Pelicans, Tri-colored Herons and Oystercatchers. 

Enjoy the holidays and don’t forget our feathered friends. As the temperature drops, they’ll need more protein so keep your peanut feeders full! 

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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