Hi Everyone! So with winter coming, I thought I’d try out something new. I normally move my feeding pole closer to the house during winter because it is close to an overgrown cedar hedge that provides amazing cover for birds. The downside is every time I open a curtain to see what’s happening on my feeders, the birds get spooked and fly away. So this year, I’ve decided to leave the pole where it is, and I thought I’d try adding some cover in the form of boughs and old planters. I’m not sure I’ve convinced the local birds it’s worth a shot, but I had to try anyway! 

This week’s question for Dr. David Bird is from Pat Seifert Stotland and…David Bird. Another one! They observerd White-winged Crossbills hunting around and nibbling on charcoal and ashes in a barbecue pit. David has a really interested asnwer as to why they might be doing that. 

In the headlines, New Zealand is looking at something called gene splicing to prevent invasive predators from breeding and is hoping to have the enitre country rat, stoat and possum free by 2050. With so many of their native birds on the endangered list, I can see why they are looking for solutions. Poland is facing huge fines from the EU Government because of their continued logging of Europe’s oldest uncut forest which is home to over 250 species of bird as well as many other species of animal. A few Israeli scientists are checking out the possibility of burning treated bird manure as a cleaner, cheaper alternative to coal, and if you live in the suburbs and have Wild Turkeys visiting your backyard, do anything you can to discourage them from hanging around. Wild Turkeys are getting too comfortable in suburban eniviroments, and it’s changing their behaviour for the worst. 

This month on Winner’s Circle we had the same picture win in both categories. I contacted the winner and she graciously offered to share her winnings, so one of her prizes went to the next in line, which was actually a tie! So three winners this month. Have a look!

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