Hello Everyone! We’ve had some amazing fall weather here for the past couple of weeks, but winter is coming! I spent the day raking and cleaning up only to have the wind pick up and blow everything back again! This week’s EnviroMinute is all about keeping dead leaves on the ground, but raking them away from where we walk and play. They make such a great habitat for so many different creatures, walking on them could really ruin something’s day. Dr. Bird has two parts on this episode, he talks about the importance of Wildlife Rehab Centers and answers a really interesting question about how birds see color. In the headlines, scientists in California have connected a computer to a Zebra Finch’s brain and are able to predict its tweet BEFORE the bird makes a sound! New research on the Seychelles Warbler shows that having good neighbors goes a long way in creating a healthy life, and sadly, after so much effort was made to protect the Sage Grouse habitat, the Federal Government has de-regulated 10 million acres of protected land for energy development and mining. 

I have a favor to ask – please have a look at the photo gallery for next episode’s Winner’s Circle. There are some amazing photographs and don’t forget, you can vote on as many different photos as you’d like. 

Take care and have a lovely week!

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